Divorce by Mutual Consent
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Divorce by Mutual Consent

Proceed with consent
Learn the practice & procedure for divorce with mutual consent

Language: English

Instructors: Rajan Prajapati

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  • A divorce is an emotionally draining process,
  • involving issues beyond the relationship between spouses;
  • and it gets increasingly complex when Courts get involved.
  • Even in cases where couples want divorce with mutual consent, the process becomes time-consuming and daunting,


  • the methods of mediation to make the whole process smooth for their clients.
  • the step-by-step procedure involved in obtaining a divorce by mutual consent.
  • substantiates mediation as a beneficial and objective mechanism that can be implemented to obtain a divorce.


  • Lawyers, legal counsel and common people will benefit
  • strong foundation along with compelling case studies, such that they are able to advice or apply your knowledge when required.

Course Curriculum

How to Use

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Who can take this course?

  • Decision-makers working in the Government and the Public Sector
  • Entrepreneurs aiming for start-up in the area business

  •  Negotiators and representatives

  • Executive Directors and officers of the Company
  •  Administrative Officers of the organization, who regularly enter into or negotiate contracts

  •  Law students wanting to pursue their career in the domain

  •  Lawyers looking for specialization

Learning and experience

  •  Background and concept of a 'marriage' and 'divorce'.
  •  family laws and conditions that need to be fulfilled to file for a divorce by mutual consent
  • Facilitate the mediation mechanism as an effective method to resolve disputes
  • Learn how to avoid mistakes
  • Learn how to resolve disputes through mediation.

Learning experiences

words from the trainees.

People are started understanding the fact that it’s better to separate if the frequency does not match.
I provide consultancy to such people. wPractical has added more to my knowledge and now I talked more confidently

— Shreya Singh

I worked with a matrimony website. The queries relating to mutual divorce keep on coming to us. I took up the course with wPractical and now I advise the people in a better manner.

— Manav Sagar

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